Error in Relevel only for unordered factors - SensoMineR"

Hi everyone,
I hope you are well, I have been trying to analyze my data for a Food Science project. It uses a method called just-about-right and I am trying to perform a penalty analysis. For some reason, every time I type in this code for my data it says: "Error in relevel.default(x[, i], jarlevel) :
'relevel' only for (unordered) factors".

I think typed in the code below but I am sure the instructions manual is not telling me a step that I need to do. If anyone can point me in the right direction would be awesome!

barry_data <- read.csv(file = "barryinfor.csv", header = TRUE, sep = ",") <- JAR(barry_data, col.p = 3, col.j = 1, col.pref = 2, jarlevel = "2")

Error in relevel.default(x[, i], jarlevel) :
'relevel' only for (unordered) factors

Ignore this post, the issue is resolved :slight_smile:

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