Error: issue publishing a basic app in rstudio-connect.

Hello all,

So I've recently installed Rstudio-connect on my RHEL 8 server and we are trying to publish a basic app, but are receiving error as : HTTP 500.

When I checked the logs I found this: POST to /api/applications/1/upload caused a non-API error: Unix account rstudio-connect is not a member of the group rstudio-connect and therefore is ineligible to run content on the server.

But the user is already the member of the group.
$ id rstudio-connect
uid=1001(rstudio-connect) gid=10000(rstudio-connect) groups=10000(rstudio-connect)

Please can someone guide me on how to rectify this?

I was able to resolve this issue by just deleting and recreating the user and group. I hope this helps someone in the future.

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