Error qualtRics API "Error in app$vspace(new_style$`margin-top` %||% 0) : attempt to apply non-function"


I am trying to work with the API to integrate Qualtrics into R so that I can always load the most current survey.

When I use the code below, I keep getting an error. I have already checked the API key and the domain ID, these are correct. I can also see the different surveys, but when I fetch_survey() it cannot load the survey. Can someone please help me?


qualtrics_api_credentials(api_key = "XXX", 
                          base_url = "",
                          install = TRUE)

surveys <- all_surveys() 

my survey <- fetch_survey(surveyID = surveys$id[1])
Error in app$vspace(new_style$`margin-top` %||% 0) : 
  attempt to apply non-function```

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