Error related to BatchGetSymbols package in Rstudio

Hey There!

I'm facing an issue related to 'BatchGetSymbols' in Rstudio while running the following code to retrieve data from a finance website in order to run some commands.

stocks1 <- c("ADBE", "INTU")
prices1 <- getSymbols(stocks1[1], source="yahoo", auto.assign=FALSE,
prices2 <- getSymbols(stocks1[2], source="yahoo", auto.assign=FALSE,

prices <- cbind(prices1, prices2)

colnames(prices) <- stocks1

Which shows the result as:

Error in getSymbols(stocks1[1], source = "yahoo", auto.assign = FALSE,  : 
  could not find function "getSymbols"

Wherein I've successfully installed the package - "BatchGetSymbols" on Rstudio.
I am unable to understand the problem. Please provide necessary guidance related to this topic.

Thank you so much!