Error starting Rstudio

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That’s not quite enough to go on. What’s your OS, and how did you install RStudio? What’s the specific error?

error msg

I've been using Rstudio for some time now. Basically I tried to create a new Github repo after using the edit_r_environment(). But I got an error message.

When I saved and tried to restart by R studio, I received an error message which I have attached here.

Bottom line is, how do I restart my R studio without loading all startup files such as Renviron. I use windows 10 OS.

Edit your .Renviron file to skip this line or rename the file (e.g. Renviron.back)
As a side note, startup files are an R functionality, not RStudio's

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Thanks chief. How do I do that?? I am a newbie.

Just follow the path on the error message open the file with the notepad (or any text editor) and modify or delete the problematic line, or simply rename or delete the file.

So much thanks. Problem solved.

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