Error: unexpected symbol for stats project

Tried to insert the code below but it is saying that theres error with the symbol, pretty new into this for college so plz help if possible.
companies$logAssets <- log(companies$assets)cat("Sales in Millions\n"); summary(companies$salesMillions)cat("Profit in Millions\n"); summary(companies$profitsMillions)cat("Number of employees\n"); summary(companies$numEmploy)

It is hard to say what is wrong with your code since it may have copied in to your post with incorrect formatting. Does this work for you?

companies$logAssets <- log(companies$assets)
cat("Sales in Millions\n") 
cat("Profit in Millions\n") 
cat("Number of employees\n") 
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Yes it did, I apparently copied the code incorrectly but thank you!

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