expected ',' after expression warning

hi everybody
I'm getting this error (expected ',' after expression) warning with a warning symbol beside every line I'm typing. the code is running but the warning drives me crazy.
how can I solve it?

can you include a screen print?

I see that you have white-red crosses in your RStudio code panel.
(So RStudio thinks there could be something wrong there)
I would like to see where the first of these crosses occurs.
Maybe there is an error that also causes the other ones to appear.

i am new to R and i am trying to learn R by the internet so it is possible that i made a mistake.
after this line of code i get this error:

df2$Weight[df2$Weight < 30 | df2$Weight[df2$Weight > 200] <-NA

I think you meant to write

df2$Weight[df2$Weight < 30 | df2$Weight > 200] <-NA


oh yes :exploding_head:
many thanks for your help.

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