Extended descriptive stats

Hi All,

I have stumbled upon a function lately:

However there is no package or code available for R users.

My question is where I can find similar extensive, descriptive stats ?

Please have a look at the output: N, Nmiss, Nvalid, mean, SD, GMean GSD, Mean_t-lo, Mean_t_hi, GMean_t_lo, GMean_t_hi, Median_binom_lo, Median_binom_hi, Median_boot_lo, Median_boot_hi, Median_norm_lo, Median_norm_hi, Min, Q1, median, Q3, Max, Range, QD, MAD, IQR, MD.

I know, that in some packages like: Psych, DescTools, Rmisc, FSA one can find a bit more than in base summary() function, but how to achieve an output, exactly like presented above ? How to combine all these functions in one function including all of them ? I know that in R there are many ways to achieve the same things, so any help would be greatly appeciated. Thanks.

Your unlikely to find a package that exactly replicates the example (BTW: a reproducible example, called a reprex is much more useful than a screenshot). If there were one the author probably wouldn't have gone to the trouble of preparing her own.

There is a review of packages with that purpose.

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