Extra variables created when reading spss sav data

Hi, When reading sav file using read_spss from expss, the number of variables expanded from 700 variables in original .sav file to more than 1500 variables in r. I also have received below warning message:

In foreign::read.spss(enc2native(file), use.value.labels = FALSE, :

Survey 20190118 R2.sav: Very long string record(s) found (record type 7, subtype 14), each will be imported in consecutive separate variables

Does anyone have advice on this? Thx!

Try with read_sav() from the haven package

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Thanks for your response. I use expss package to run tables and expss seems to mask all the value labels of the categorical variable if I read the data using haven. I have hundreds of categorical data. I also get errors when I use certain expss functions like cro on data read by haven. How can I read spss data and still use expss package. Any one can help?

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