Extracting links with rvest


I am trying to extract links from a public webpages, however I can't figure out how to do it.

Here is the code I am using, and a picture of the lines I can see using the dev tools. The line starting with lig is wrong. How could I solve this issue?

list <- c("https://www.cartasocial.pt/resultados-da-pesquisa?vt=21&tp=2107&l=01-00-00")

for (i in list){
link <- i
page <- read_html(link)

estabelecimento <- page %>% html_nodes(".equipment-title") %>% html_text()
fregloc <- page %>% html_nodes(".equipment-location") %>% html_text()
lig <- page %>% html_nodes(".equipment-location") %>% html_attr("href")


  lig <- page %>% html_nodes(".entry") %>% html_attr("href")

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