Favorite Interactive HTML Table Packages?

Hey everyone,

I create a monthly marketing report at my association that pulls in data from Google Analtyics, Google Ads, and other third-party tools.

I am knitting the file to a self-contained html file and sharing that with the organization. In that file, I have a variety of ggplot to interactive ggiraph plots and tables with filters and sparklines.

I'm currently using reactable, but I would love more granular control over the sparklines and I've found that including ~50 really slows the page load down.

This is a long way of asking, what packages do you use to create html tables with interactivity and why? I know there is GT, flextable, kableExtra, reactable, and probably more I'm not thinking about off the top of my head, but I'm having a hard time deciding which to use.

Thanks all!

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