fct_collapse should be expanded

The functions for combining factor levels fct_relevel and fct_collapse have functionalities that are a proper subset of those of the Relevel function in the Epi package.

The collapsing of levels would benefit from the option of giving level numbers instead of level names, as well as automatic generation of new level names. But in particular collapsing of many levels to fewer according to a table look up would be useful - you do not hardcode grouping of 562 factor levels. Which is often needed.

I would be happy to see the functionalities of Relevel incorporated in fct_xxx
b.r. Bendix Carstensen, maintainer of Epi

If you want to suggest enhancements to packages, the normal procedures is to raise an issue on Github, here:

Thanks, I hope someone reads here and maybe picks up the idea; my quota for signing up yet another place is currently exhausted.

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