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I have a huge data with 1794607 records in it with 7-8 different columns in it. Here's the business case which is required,

In one of the column, there are many values which represents the data. I need to make all names prefixed with xe, ge,et and irb and omit the other ones.

Column example:








How to achieve this logic ? Could someone please help me on the same.


Just so it's clear: You want to filter all values that start with xe, ge,et and irb? So that 'xe-0/0/0.105' is kept, but the row with 'aest-abc' is removed? In that case you can filter you data like this:


myData = data.frame(
  col1 = 1:3,
  col2 = c("aest-abc", "xe-0/0/0.105", "ge-0101")  

myData %>% filter(str_detect(col2, "^(xe|ge|et|irb)"))
#>   col1         col2
#> 1    2 xe-0/0/0.105
#> 2    3      ge-0101

You use the str_detect function from stringr package and can write RegEx to state the conditions you like.

If this is not what you want, please give a before and after example, so we know what exactly it is you like to do.


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Hey Thanks Pieter for your response.

yes, that's the approach. I did something like this. As of now, the output is correct. Let me check in graph how it comes.

Really thanks for your great help!! :slight_smile:

InterfaceThroughput$interfaceList <-  ifelse(substr(InterfaceThroughput$interfacename,1,2)== "xe","xe",
									  ifelse(substr(InterfaceThroughput$interfacename,1,2)== "ge","ge",
									  ifelse(substr(InterfaceThroughput$interfacename,1,2)== "et","et",
								      ifelse(substr(InterfaceThroughput$interfacename,1,3)== "irb","irb","others"))))

InterfaceThroughput1 <- InterfaceThroughput[InterfaceThroughput$interfaceList %in% c("xe","ge","et","irb"),]
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