Filesize .Rdata file console vs. terminal execution

If I create an R script script.R that has the following content:

x <- rep(1, 10000000)
save(x, file = "x.Rdata")

I can execute this script in two ways:

source("script.R") which saves a file that is approximately 73 MB large
system("Rscript script.R") which saves a file that is approximately 114 kb large

However, when loading the x.Rdata file it returns the correct object x for both methods.

In other words the terminal execution of the script somehow manages to save the same object but as a much smaller file. This also happens when saving large data frames [5GB in source, less than 1 GB in terminal].

I am curious if someone can explain what is actually happening here [probably something to do with compression], and perhaps more interestingly why this difference exists.


what do you get for






based on that we wouldnt expect save to compress in your current session (with direct sourcing) . Perhaps you set this in one of R's myriad user or site profiles....

You can alter it to default compress if you want that behaviour.


will do it in your current session.

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