findpeaks function

I am currently using findpeaks function to distinguish peak values of electrocardiogram.

I have attached part of graph.

I have wrote a following code

peaks<- findpeaks(dataset[,2], minpeakheight = 1)

dataset[,2] has full values of electrocardiogram in time series. I have inserted minpeakheight value as 1. In a sample data set, there are total of 68 R peaks but this function only distinguishes 64 R peaks.

Seems like I need to give more variables for more accurate values. However, I am not sure what I should insert for other variables such as nups and ndowns. Any idea?

You have to look at the peaks that you failed to identify to understand why they were missed, and change the corresponding parameter. Try plotting both the curve and the identified peaks on top, to visualize which ones did not fulfill the criteria.

We might be able to help if you provide some example data.

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