Flemish piece of code required

I know that perhaps this place is not the best for this type of requirement but maybe some of you are Belgian.
I need to find all records in my Belgian data where respondents replied "as above", "stated before", "left a comment already" and "na", "no comments", nothing to say".

I already have this pieces of code which should be updated:

blank_statements <- regex("no\\scomment?|nee|neen|^\\s*n.?a.?\\s*$", ignore_case = TRUE)

As_above = if_else(str_detect(comment, regex("zoals\\shierboven|eerder\\sgenoemd|Zoals\\svermeld", ignore_case = TRUE)), 1, 0)

but I know the list should be longer and it should include phrases in other main languages used in Belgium.

Can anyone help?

I would make a vector of the responses and then use %in% to detect them. You can use str_lower, str_tim, str_replace etc to avoid it being case sensitive, remove extra spaces, etc.

blank_statements <- c("as above", "stated before", "left a comment already", "na", "no comments", "nothing to say")

as_above <- comment %in% blank_statements

Thank you but:

  1. I have thie error after using your code:
Error in match(x, table, nomatch = 0L) : 
  'match' requires vector arguments
  1. You cannot include this excellent solution for multiple versions of "N/A" suggested by andresrcs:
blank_statements <- regex("^\\s*n.?a.?\\s*$", ignore_case = TRUE)

The regex string is cute but mine is much easier to follow.

So what format is your data in? Maybe you can post the output of dput(yourdata)

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