Formatting HTML titles in R

I created a table with the package reactable but I'am not sure how to format the HTML titles so they share the same style with the table, like font, colour and background color. I would like it to look like a whole thing, not like they does not fit.

This is my code:


options(reactable.theme = reactableTheme(
  color = "hsl(233, 9%, 87%)",
  backgroundColor = rgb(38/255,42/255,51/255,142/240),
  borderColor = rgb(152/255,156/255,165/255,240/240)

example<- reactable(data.frame(country=c("argentina","brazil"),

final <- htmlwidgets::prependContent(example, 
                                      list(h2(class = "title", "title 1"),
                                           h4(class = "subtitle", "subtitle")))


What would you do?

its html/css so you either provide a seperate css file for styling and refer to it, or you do inline styling like

h2(class = "title", "title 1",style="background-color:#262A3397;color:#FFFFFF")

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