geom_scatterpie - how to make pie charts with equally-sized sections but with the colours determined by the data?

I am trying to make a geom_scatterpie. However, rather than the standard type of plot where the sizes of the sections of each pie chart is determined by the data, I instead want the sections to be identical across all pie charts, but with the colours of each section changing according to the data.

E.g.:, like this (this was made using base R)

This is essentially the same question somebody asked over here a few years ago but it was never fully answered.

The code from the thread linked above is sufficient to understand the problem, and very similar to mine, but with a less complicated dataset, so there is no need to me to post my code. However, if anybody wants me to post code I can make a more simple / dummy example.

Thanks for any suggestions :slight_smile:

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