Get list of visible columns of DT::datatable



I have a DT::datatable with Buttons extensions (for controling which columns are visible by user) in shiny app.
Is there a way how to get vector of actually visible columns?
Thank you


Please refer to the DT: An R interface to the DataTables library.


Hi englianhu,
thank you. I know this page and went through it before asking the question here. It is definitely possible that I missed it but I just dont see it there (I know how to get vector of visible rows but not columns). Could you be more specific?


YOu can try to refer to below sample.

trn %>% DT::datatable(caption = "Transaction Table", 
                              escape = FALSE, filter = 'top', rownames = FALSE, 
                              extensions = list('ColReorder' = NULL, 'RowReorder' = NULL, 
                                                'Buttons' = NULL, 'Responsive' = NULL), 
                              options = list(dom = 'BRrltpi', scrollX = TRUE, #autoWidth = TRUE, 
                                             lengthMenu = list(c(10, 50, 100, -1), c('10', '50', '100', 'All')), 
                                             ColReorder = TRUE, rowReorder = TRUE, 
                                             buttons = list('copy', 'print', 
                                                            list(extend = 'collection', 
                                                                 buttons = c('csv', 'excel', 'pdf'), 
                                                                 text = 'Download'), I('colvis'))))


Thanks again.
Sry I dont see it :slight_smile: . I need to get list of actualy visible columns into R. The snippet you shared, as far as I know, enables user to change columns' visibility and/or download the dataset (the selected columns). However the download is done (again, as I understand it) via the DT javascript, so it does not help me determining which columns are visible, or does it?)