Getting data from Slack Channel App

Hello dears :slight_smile:
i have an App that connected to live database. It gets some summaries and dumb them into a slack channel where i have to select these numbers and store them in excel sheets on an hourly basis
can i hava R code to connect to this slack messages and get these numbers to store in a local server ??
if that happened it will be very helpful :slight_smile:

The r package slackr is one option,

Note the function slackr_history.

You mention that "i have an App that connected to live database". If slack is just getting it's data from there, wouldn't it be preferable to just call that database directly for the information you want to work with in R? That is, rather than add another link in the chain of where this data get moved around?


Thanks @EconomiCurtis for your support, The issue is that i'm not authorized to access the database , i can only view this summary from slack

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