Getting 'object not found' error using across() with filter in dplyr

This function filters/selects one or more variables from my dataset and writes it to a new CSV file. I'm getting an 'object not found' error when I call the function. Here is the function:

extract_ids <-  function(filename, opp, ...) {
  #Read in data
  df <- read_csv(filename)
  #Remove rows 2,3
  df <- df[-c(1,2),]
    #Filter and select
    df_id <- filter(df, across(..., ~ ! & gc == 1) %>%
      select(...) #not sure if my use of ... here is correct
    #String together variables for export file path
    path <- c("/Users/stephenpoole/Downloads/",opp,"_",...,".csv") #not sure if ... here is correct
    #Export the file
    write_csv(df_id, paste(path,collapse=''))

And here is the function call. I'm trying to get columns "rid" and "cintid."

extract_ids(filename = "farmers.csv",
            opp = "farmers",
            rid, cintid)

When I run this, I get the below error:

 Error: Problem with `filter()` input `..1`.
ℹ Input `..1` is `across(..., ~! & gc == 1`.
x object 'cintid' not found
Run `rlang::last_error()` to see where the error occurred. 

The column cintid is correct and appears in the data.

I'm also not sure what to put inside the select() to capture each variable.