gganimate not working, requires to update API..

Hi , I need your guidance and suggestion to remove this error.
I found this error "Error: It appears that you are trying to use the old API, which has been deprecated. Please update your code to the new API or install the old version of gganimate"

I want to plot animated graph... Please help me in doing that.
Thanks in advance.

Hi @Tahira,

The {gganimate} package has undergone significant changes since its earlier releases and the current way of using the package is very different from its original API. The changes were so drastic that it has broken old code and anyone who wants to use {gganimate} must adopt the new system.

Much more details about this change and the modern API can be found here.

EDIT: I should point out that if you REALLY want to use the old API (which I would strongly discourage), you can install an older version of the package which is compatible with your code.


HI Mattwarkentin,
Thanks for your detailed response. I want to adopt modern API. But the link you shared is not working ... Kindly share it again..


Here's a link to the gganimate vignette, which provides a tutorial about how to use the new API. Also, here's an answer I wrote a while back that converts from the old gganimate API to the new one. You can find additional examples if you search around StackOverflow.

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