GGforestplot package - how to a column of text


I'm using ggforestplot:forestplot function to create a grouped forest plot for regression estimates. I'd like to add text columns to the right-hand side of the plot containing: 1) estimates (and CI) and 2) p-values. As the package is rooted in ggplot2, I've tried several functions but with no success.

  df = dataset_metab,
  name = Compound,
  estimate = Estimate,
  se = SE,
  pvalue = P-FDR,
  xlab = "Summary RR (95%CI)"
) +
    facets = ~Group,
    scales = "free_y",
    space = "free"

Here's the results:

I'll be most grateful for help!

By text columns I mean here something like from classical forest plots (attached):


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