ggplot show.legend not working for histogram

I cannot turn off showing useless legend in the following example:

ggplot(mtcars) + 
  geom_histogram(aes(wt,..density.., col="red", show.legend=FALSE))+

However, I've found it does work in the code below:

ggplot(mtcars) + 
  geom_histogram(aes(wt,..density.., col="red"))+

Is there some kind of a coding error in the first example?

Indeed there is an error! :wink:
The show.legend=FALSE needs to be outside the aes() brackets.
This works fine!

 ggplot(mtcars) + 
  geom_histogram(aes(wt,..density.., col="red"), show.legend=FALSE)+

PS: There is a warning telling you something is wrong:
Warning: Ignoring unknown aesthetics: show.legend

Strangely, I got no warning.. Maybe some settings I am oblivious of being a newbie to R :wink:
(btw I've just learned that putting col="red" outside of aes() also eliminates the legend)

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