GGPlot2 Install Error - Access Denied



Difficulty installing GGPlot2 -

"Error in install.packages : cannot open file 'C:/Users/Mark/Documents/R/win-library/3.5/file2dc851144b08/colorspace/doc/hcl-colors.pdf': Permission denied"

HELP -- Please?

RStudio - Version 1.1.453


Hi! Welcome!

Sorry you're having installation problems -- lots of people stumble on this sort of thing, I'm afraid! One reason for the sort of error you're seeing is a conflict with security restrictions and/or anti-malware software. See here (under "for the second problem"):


Thank you JC.
I did permit access with one of my firewall programs, but not not thee Windows Controlled Folders - will research. I have also attempted to run R Studio as administrator but was denied - which suggests that I need to research this as well.



Good luck! These problems can unfortunately be annoying to track down, since there are a lot of system-specific interacting parts. Definitely post back with any solutions you find, since this could be helpful for other people in the future!