ggplot2 won't load at all

I'm a pure beginner at this thing guys. I downloaded, deleted, redownloaded, restarted, same issue gpplot2 and R. I had no issues downloading either and was able to download ggplot2 with its dependents but to no avail. When I type in library(ggplot2) to either R or RStudio, I get nothing.

Simply typing


does nothing that you will immediately see. Is the problem that you are expecting some output from that? What do you get if you run this code?

DF <- data.frame(ID = 1:10, Value = 1:10)
ggplot(data = DF, mapping = aes(x = ID, y = Value)) + geom_point()
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Wow, I sound so incompetent. I apologize for such a stupid question. Something finally pulled up with your line of code. Thank you

Don't worry, we all started as novices.


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