GH actions fails on Windows when no error occurs.

I have a package being tested on Windows, OSx and Ubuntu. The package passes everything on OSx and Ubuntu but fails on Windows for no apparent reason. It fails in the example section of a function called names2age yet all of the examples of this function seem to pass. At least they return the same thing as they do locally. However, just after the examples from this function, I get the error below:

I really have no idea where this error is coming from since the package works well locally, passes on the other operating systems and no clear error from R is present. Does anyone have any idea where the error might be coming from? Or a way to debug this better?

In case anyone wants to have a look, the log for the package is here.

Not sure what your particular issue was, but it seems to be resolved with more recent builds in your repository

Thanks @jimhester. The error persists all the time AFAIK:

Any feedback on how to debug this would be very welcome.