Github integration with RStudio Package manager

We are trying to integrate github with R package manager. Below are the steps we have performed but not able to achieve the objective.

  • Generated a public and private key
  • Placed the public key in github account
  • The private key is in .ssh under root user.
  • when rspm is trying to read the key it is facing permission issue.
  • created a fresh ssh directory under rstudio-pm (owned by rstudio-pm) and retried with the rspm user import but still failure with permission issue.

Please help us to understand what are we missing and also if we are performing the steps right.

Test the credentials manually in terminal and check that you ran the import import process below

Access restricted Git endpoints using SSH keys

If Git builders require authentication, RStudio Package Manager can use SSH keys to authenticate against the endpoint.

Begin by creating an SSH key and granting the SSH key access to the Git endpoint. The specific steps will depend on your Git provider. Once you have the path to the SSH key, use the import command to securely name and store the SSH key for later use by RStudio Package Manager. If desired, you can now remove the SSH key file. Multiple keys can be imported.
To use the newly imported SSH key with a new Git builder, specify the key name with the --ssh-key flag in the create git-builder command.

Thank you [technocrat] : I will check on that