Global Environment empty


I was practicing some commends in Rstudio, when at one point, global environement does not respond to my commands anymore. It happens frequently now that I type a very simple command, yet nothing is reflected in Global environment:
e.x: y <- 4

Any ideas why is this happening?

Is it possible that the auto refresh was turned off on the Environment pane? You can check that here:

If not, does clicking the Refresh button make your values appear?

and No.

To have it solved each time, I have to close Rstudio, wait for a couple of minutes and then reopen again.

Is it the case that your global environment pane shows content as you add to it, then it empties out? Or rather it reflects previous changes but not later ones?

Is it at all reproducible ? I.e. could you write a script so that if you ran it , this problematic behaviour would occur?

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