Global Options Permission Denied

Every time I try to edit the global options, I get a permission denied pop up. I'm currently running it as an administrator. It doesn't occur when try it via root user. I also cannot find the pathway for the ~/.config/rstudio to change that in some of the previous posts.

Sorry I don't have a full answer for you, but just to help with this part: How are you looking for this pathway? If by clicking through Finder, do you have hidden files and folders shown on your computer? For the most part, folders that start with .* are hidden by default. To toggle the display of hidden files and folders you can press Command+Shift +. (more info here).

You can also get there by using the Go To Folder interface in Finder. The shortcut to access that is Command+Shift+G, or from Finder go to the "Go" menu, and select it from the dropdown. Once that opens, you can paste/type in ~/.config/rstudio, and it will take you there.

Unfortunately I have tried those and still couldn't find that file. I guess the question is that is it possible that the rstudio-prefs.json doesn't exist for me?


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