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I‘ve studied R for one month,and I want to use R for my graduation project,the topic is about ensemble methods implement.My tutor tell me use matlab, but I really think R is a useful language. Actually I want to ask if I can complete my project using R, I'm worried about the code possibly cannot reach Paper requirements. Thx for answering my beginner question.

You didn't ask the question.

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haha,you're right,just some worry:)

In general, there is nothing stopping you from doing this, but keep in mind that every single little thing that is different from Matlab will be likely seen as "bad" or "wrong" by your supervisor. It's a natural reaction given that is very likely that your supervisor has been working with Matlab for years now and switching to R is a mentally challenging task.

As for ensemble methods - this is definitely possible in R. There are multiple ways to do it. Take a look, for example here -

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