GUI text and icons blurry with fractional scaling in Ubuntu


The user interface text and icons are blurry with fractional scaling on a high-DPI screen. The text and icons become crisp if I turn off fractional scaling. Screenshot (with Sublime Text next to RStudio for contrast):


Are there any workarounds that do not require turning off fractional scaling or switching to Xorg? Is anyone aware of plans to improve fractional scaling support? I thought the Electron preview builds might solve the problem, but build 537 had the same issue.


  • RStudio versions tried:
    • 2022.02.3 build 492
    • 2022.07.0 preview build 537
  • R version: 4.2.0
  • Ubuntu: 22.04
  • Gnome: 42 (Wayland)
  • Resolution: 3840 x 2160 (recommended, native)
  • Display scaling: 250%

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