Having to reinstall packages each time am using Rstudio

Hi, I am new at this. I have to reinstall packages each time I want to use RStudio. I presume this shouldn't be as much as it is tedious. Help.

What makes you think that you have to? You generally don't.

Any ideas on where I'm going wrong/ how to correct this? Thanks.

You haven't provided any information...
You just said you need to without justifying that you need to. Can you evidence your need ?

Let's start simply. Can you name a package that you repeatedly reinstall?

Here are some. pacman, dplyr, GGally, ggplot2, ggthemes,
ggvis, httr, lubridate, plotly, rio, rmarkdown, shiny,
stringr, tidyr.

Are you loading packages or are you installing them? I assume that you are using pacman to load them.

Yes, I am using pacman. First I load and then install them (and box get ticked -in the packages sub-window). Later I the box is unticked and have to reinstall.

My best guess is that you are using p_temp. Are you ?

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