Headers, dialog boxes, etc. font size in RStudio Desktop

I'm running RStudio 1.1.463 on a Pixel Slate Chromebook with Debian in the Crouton container. When I first installed, all of my text was ridiculously small. So, I increased font size in my global options settings. This successfully increased font size for the entries in my source and console windows, as well as the top bar menu. However, package lists, window headers, dialog boxes, help topics, etc. all have uncomfortably small font size.

Anyone have an idea of how I can increase font size? Would really make life easier. Thanks!

Can you change the settings in 'view' at the top?

I can't seem to see a way to do it, no. Even my cursor is miniscule. Not sure if this is a limitation of my OS combo, or if there is something in the build that I would have to change entirely, but I'm not familiar enough to start digging without a little bit of a clue, so I was hoping someone might have one.

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