Headshots from rstudio::conf(2020)

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I wondered if anyone had received their headshots from rstudio::conf(2020). Wasn't sure what the typical turn-around time is like. I'm sure it's probably longer by now if they haven't been sent yet; but, figured I'd check!

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I was wondering the same thing today! I haven't received anything yet.


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I also haven't received my headshots.

As a point of reference, for rstudio::conf 2018 (held on Feb 1-3), I received my headshots via email on February 17th. This was a super fast turn around compared to this year.

I don't know why it is taking months for rstudio::conf 2020, but there are various potential factors:

  1. Different photographer
  2. Much larger attendance in 2020 compared to 2018
  3. They may send them as they finish them, and I could have gotten lucky in 2018 and been one of the earlier ones they finished

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Update: I received my headshot yesterday.

I received mine today.

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