Help: How to fix R Studio to stop pressing Space Bar to complete each word?

I am using R Studio 1.2.5042 on Mac OS. As I type each word out into the Script section, I have to press Space Bar or Tab at the end of each word to finish that word and move onto the next. As I type each word, R Script only displays the first letter of whatever it is I am typing. This is a very annoying problem for me because I can't really see what I'm typing and having to press Space Bar too many times.

Did anyone encounter the same issue and have found a fix?

Hi @luantpnguyen,
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Sounds like you are describing the "code completion" behaviour of RStudio. This can be changed to suit your way of working by going through to this RStudio menu item:
Tools > Global Options > Code > Completion.


Thanks. What specifically should I change in the Completion tab to fix this issue?

I'd probably try turning OFF auto-completion first - and then see if that behavior is what you want.

I tried to turn auto-completion off but the problem remains.

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