Help more Data Scientists understand the benefits of RStudio

Thank you for using RStudio’s products. From the RStudio IDE, to the Tidyverse, to our Professional Products, and our hosted offerings like RStudio Cloud, our users and customers build and share amazing data science projects with our tools. We are always looking for ways to educate and inform people about these tools, and how they can leverage them in their own data science workflows.

We are therefore working with TrustRadius to gather feedback from our users, and to publish independent ratings and reviews of RStudio. We would appreciate your participation.

Reviews from users like you are critical, for several reasons. By leaving a review:

  • You help others, by providing advice to those looking to evaluate RStudio.
  • You can showcase your expertise and experience with RStudio to 300,000+ monthly TrustRadius visitors.
  • You can help us improve RStudio, by providing ideas for changes and enhancements.
  • And finally, by helping spread the word about our products, you are supporting RStudio’s mission to sustainably deliver open source and professional data science products to the world.

Could you take fifteen minutes to write a review of RStudio on TrustRadius? Completing a review will allow prospective users to read well-rounded reviews about their likely experience and the value of RStudio’s professional and open source offerings. If you prefer, you can leave your review anonymously.

If you use any of the following tooling in your workflows, we encourage you to add your feedback.


You can leave your review with TrustRadius here.

Let us know if you have any questions.


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