Help: Using eemR package/excitation-emission fluorescence matrix

I am looking to do some fluorescence indices using the following function in the Rstudio:
read_my_shimadzu <- function(file)

The last script (read_my_shimadzu <- function(file)), was sent to me by a colleague. it needs to change only the file location path under the (list. files) function, as the script maker recommended. I did that, and my data (excel and txt files) were shown in the R environment.

But, no plots for the absorbance were shown as well as eem_fluorescence_index; eem_humification_index; eem_biological_index; and eem_humification_index did not work.
An error message instead was shown as below in the picture.
It did not also work with other lab colleagues.

I wonder if the copy and the paste of the whole script and only changing the data path could be behind this error issue?

Any suggestion please for this matter?

Thank you for your help in advance!


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