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Hi, I'm new to using R Shiny and I'm trying to create a web app that can update graphs in real time to changes to the raw data. Does anyone have any idea if and how I can achieve this using R shiny? Thank you so much :slight_smile: your help will be much appreciated!

this is a natural use of shiny, I recommend you learn shiny from Mastering Shiny - Book
Before you start working on a shiny solution though, you need to in principle know how to achieve your end to end process once or twice in a plain R script. Work out your architecture, i.e. how will the raw data get to your R session. (databases connections are typically used).

I totally agree with @nirgrahamuk and will add that only few hours of focus shall be enough to be able to develop your app. However, adding features will require to spend some more time for each feature (but this is not lost kowledge !).

@nirgrahamuk thank you for the advice :slight_smile: I meant to specify an external database. I hope to create a web app that is not so much interactive, but where the graphics can update itself in real time in response to changes/updates in data from an external database (like an excel sheet, or an external database software). And if so, how do you connect the web app with this external database?

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I think this article will answer your questions.

Thank you so much! @earnaud

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