Hide group row name in renderTable.

Hello there!

I have a dropdown menu to select a factor to explore data within a reactive table. The factors are identified from variables that start with "ab" in the dataset. Everything is working great! Except for the rendering of the output table. The factors are all Yes/No responses in the df.

list1 <- names(select(df,(starts_with("ab") )))

output$variables = renderUI({
                      selectInput("factor1", "Factor 1", list1,  width = "100%")

output$table_1 <- renderTable(table1(~ get(input$factor1) | Gender, data=df))

Unfortunately, as the group row name in the output table, I get "get(input$factor1)".

Is there any way to remove this group row header? Either in table1 or in renderTable?

Thanks in advance.