Hosting R Plumber on Digital Ocean

Hi, I'm trying to spin up a server on DO with the "plumberDeploy" package using the "do_provision()" function. I am getting this error and am not sure what the issue is.

Provisioning a new server for which you will get a bill from DigitalOcean.
Using default ssh keys: plumber, plumber1
NB: This costs $0.00744 / hour until you droplet_delete() it
Waiting for create ................................
New server key: 7c:14:85:96:f1:c5:e6:ed:8b:0d:7f:8b:13:2d:3f:90:17:49:7d:df
Error: Authentication with ssh server failed"

An ssh key has to be added to your account first:

Since you are still getting an error and I thought I added a check for that. I am gonna go ahead and assume the key cannot be found on the system you are using to connect to DO.

Maybe check ssh::ssh_key_info(), make sure ssh key can be found.

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Ah. That was it. Connected my ssh key and it works now. Much appreciated.

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