How can I run all chunks *across all documents* in a bookdown project?



I sometimes like to run all chunks across all files of some rmarkdown project (here: bookdown, but I guess other multi-*.rmd-projects are similar), so I can inspect the objects in my Global Environment as they would be created when the project gets rendered.

For individual *.rmd this is implemented in RStudio; I can just click “Run All”.

But when there are several (a lot) of files, this gets cumbersome and error-prone quickly. I also feel a little stupid because (when using bookdown) the .bookdown.yml already specifies order and inclusion of files.

I’m probably being very dense, but I can’t figure out an easy way to do this.

(I’m aware that I could knitr::purl() my way to this result, but then I’d have to manually supply all the filenames in order and source the resulting file).