How can I use a mermaid flowchart LR to describe a code line

I want to describe a python code line in a quarto document for further description with a mermaid flowchart LR diagram.

The Pyhton codeline is this:

tfidf_text_vectorizer = TfidfVectorizer(stop_words=list(stopwords), min_df=5, max_df=0.7)

I try to split the code line in a mermaid code chunk:

   flowchart LR
       tfidf_text_vectorizer --> TfidfVectorizer(
       TfidfVectorizer( --> stop_words
       stop_words --> =list(stopwords),
       =list(stopwords), --> min_df=5, 
       min_df=5, --> max_df=0.7)

But I receive the error in VS Code: undefinded.

Can I describe a code line with mermaid. If yes, how can I do this?

PS: Are there any other solutions for describe a code line in a quarto document?

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