How do I convert R code to HTML?


Hello everyone,

I would like to perform calculations in R and then have data be available in an html document (such as an array). Does anyone know how to bridge the barrier between a dataframe and HTML code?

Thank you!


I think what you want is rmarkdown. Lots of tutorials there.


Have you tried nextjournal ( It might help!


Thank you for responding! I am actually using one of R Markdown's output formats called Flexdashboard. My issue is that I would like to save data as a JSON within the markdown document (HTML) to be accessed by another program. Do you have any suggestions?


This looks like a great resource! I'm working in Flexdashboard right now.


Can you post a simple reprex?


Maybe have a look at the packages xtable or stargazer.


Can you be more precise on this ? what do you want to achieve ?
To expose data between program, making an API is one solution and plumber :package: is great for that !

EDIT: For reference, there is another thread about that. How to save JSON Data into R Markdown