How do you get buy-in transitioning from Excel to R? [Excel -> R Meetup Q&A]

A Question from the meetup Meetup: Making the Shift from Excel to R: Perspectives from the back-office

How do you get buy-in from people once you show them that you can automate tasks and not have to use Excel? How do you convince people that this is the future? I find that getting the buy-in from individual stakeholders is a little harder.

That’s a good question. The initial project that I had presented, I made it a point to show the amount of time that I had saved myself and what that equaled in terms of dollars to the company. The second piece was, I also tried to convince them that it would make sense for them to give me some time to teach a few people in the organization so that we could work together on this. Again, yes the first one was showing the actual dollars and amount of time that was being saved. This particular excel process took me about 35-40 minutes every day just with the amount of data that was coming from different places and I shrunk it down to about 3-4 minutes after everything was said and done and that’s how I got the buy in.