How i can obtain a distribution from a shape in R?

Hi everyone,
i need to obtain a distribution, for exmple under a gamma shape.
I already try to use rgamma(x,shape,rate), but when i see the result it is not what i want, i need somethings like in figure below, I drew this graph with paint, is only to give an idea

Does somebody can help me?


I think you're looking for the dgamma function. In the example below, I specify a shape and rate. I then find the 99.9th percentile to set as the maximum x value


shape <- 5
rate <- 1/3

maxx <- qgamma(.999, shape=shape, rate=rate) #99.9th percentile as max x to plot

datgamma <-tibble(x=seq(0, maxx, by=.1)) %>%
  mutate(y=dgamma(x, shape, rate=rate))

datgamma %>%
  ggplot(aes(x=x, y=y)) +

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Hi StatSteph
I already know this, but i need to know if exist a function that can do this:




for (i in x) {


thank you

I'm not aware of any function to do this but you can make your own. Note that R is vectorized so you don't need a loop here.

plot_rgamma <- function(scale, shape, maxx=NULL){
  if (is.null(maxx)){
    maxx <- qgamma(.999, shape=shape, scale=scale)  
  x <- seq(0, maxx, length.out = 5000)
  y=dgamma(x, scale=scale, shape=shape)
  k <- runif(length(x), 0, y)

plot_rgamma(1000, 1.5, 5000)

plot_rgamma(1000, 1.5)

Created on 2020-09-25 by the reprex package (v0.3.0)


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