How many samples were used in a bootstrap

Dear all,

I am new to R. I am learning a code. I need to use the method of bootstrap. I understand I should specify the times I would like to do bootstrap. But how do I know the sampling number used in a bootstrap? For example, I have a dataset with 300 samples. I do 200 bootstrap sampling. How many subsamples are used in each loop?

The size of a bootstrap sample is the same size as the original sample. In your example, you have 200 data sets of size 300.

Depending on what you are estimating (and how), this might be too small of a sample to do inference. Typically, if you are going to use percentile intervals, you would need thousands of bootstrap samples to get good tail probabilities. For some methods, like the student-t method, 200 might be enough for a well characterized statistic.

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