How not to reload variables in shiny?

Hello everyone,

I am new to R shiny and i am developping an application using football data (data frame of 400 thousand lines).

My application worked perfectly but since i updated Rstudio it does not work anymore and does not recognize the variables i defined in the workspace separately.
I think I have now to define the variables in the application (maybe in the UI file) but the data takes like 15 minutes to load, so i am asking if somebody knows another solution for this.

I hope I have been clear, thank you for your help.

Could you format this into a reproducible example? That is a set of code or project that folks can easily get up and running to replicate your issue? Currently, this is only part of a shiny app.

IF you aren't familiar with best practices for shiny reprexes, check out

This will make it easier for folks to replicate your issue and offer suggestions to solve it.

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