How should a meta-package handle this note?: 'All declared Imports should be used'

Following the tidyverse, my meta-package imports some packages only for the purpose of installing them. But the meta-package itself does not use those packages, and I run R CMD Check via rhub::check_on_macos() I get the note All declared Imports should be used.

Should I do anything about it?

> rhub::check_on_macos()
─  Building package
─  Uploading package
─  Preparing build, see status at


N  checking dependencies in R code (927ms)
   Namespaces in Imports field not imported from:
     ‘fgeo.analyze’ ‘fgeo.plot’ ‘fgeo.tool’ ‘fgeo.x’
     All declared Imports should be used.
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Would help?


Thanks @maelle,
The answer I was looking for is here:

They are suppressing the note by importing one function from every package, even if that functions is not used.

After that work-around my meta-package passes R CMD check without that note:


Good find! :tada: :ok_hand:

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