How should I test significance between 2 groups?

I have two groups. I want to measure whether group difference is significant or not. For example, in group 1, the average age is 32. In group 2, the average age is 36. I want to add star in the table if 32 is significant different from 36.

I also have categorical variable cases. For example, in group 1, the black ratio is 57%. The black ratio is 44% in group 2. I want to add * in this row if 57% is significant different from 44%.

Do you know anything about the distributions these means are drawn from. What are the sample sizes, are they normal? Its recommended not to jump to running R code, before thinking about your statistics problem in terms of statistics...

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I agree with @nirgrahamuk .

As a hint, for simplest case, you would use t.test and prop.test.

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